27 – 28 May 2015 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


On May 27-28 Saint Petersburg will be hosting an international workshop on “Innovative Approaches in Prevention of Occupation al Illnesses”. The workshop is organized by the Fund of Social Insurance of the Russian Federation supported by the Technical Committee of International Social Security Association (ISSA) on insurance against employment accidents and occupational diseases. The workshop will be attended by managers and experts on occupational diseases, labour protection, prevention of employment accidents as well as by representatives of ISSA member – organizations exercising activities related to the field of labour protection and insurance against occupational accidents.

The workshop will consider the following subjects: occupational diseases in European countries and their complications; strategies and administrative approaches to resolving the issues of occupational diseases; causation of occupational diseases; prevention and recognition of occupational diseases. Another aspect of the workshop is to discuss the text proposed by the center of ISSA that will be added to the ISSA Guidelines on Occupational Diseases and analysis of approaches for further revision of the document.

The International Social Security Association is a leading international organization aiming to practice the unified policy in terms of social security. ISSAwasfoundedin 1927 as the international forum of national social security administrations, adapted to real needs of population in terms of social security. ISSA brings together around 400 national agencies from 150 countries. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.